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President’s Message

I am pleased to introduce the new website for the Future Hope International (FHI) .Since our inception in 2008, FHI has evolved to be a multi-faceted, progressive disability support organisation. We have remained true to the vision of our founding members and are in many ways still a grass-roots organization.  And we have evolved, thanks to the collaboration of hundreds of people with a disability, their families, carers and our staff to being recognized and respected as a leader in inclusive, person-centred disability support. We continually develop new opportunities for people with a disability to direct their own activities, acquire practical life-skills and achieve the greatest level of independence Of particular concern to us are those women and children who are marginalized because of their disability situation. We’re very pleased to have helped thousands of PWDs in rural communities in Ghana, but it is not enough. We want our efforts and your contributions to go further, and to result in increased number of PWDs we serve. Our key strategies for achieving our objectives is to partner with mobilize all stakeholders (Local Government Authorities, Traditional Authorities, Non-Governmental Organizations-NGOs, Community Based Organizations-CBOs, Community Members, Members of Parliament, District Directorate of Education, Social Welfare Department, Business Associations, Schools, Private Sector and other Social Service providers) to promote disability rights. We want to be sure that when we complete a project, it is only our involvement that is finished, and not the provision of services. FHI is an ambitious and growing organization that is evolving to meet changing needs PWDs. Our track record since 2008 speaks for itself. At the same time, we are not complacent about the challenges faced by the PWDs today and know that we still have much to do to help improve the welfare of PWDs especially women and children who are disabled. On a more personal note, I want to thank all our staff, volunteers and supporters for their commitment and hard work. Many FHI staff and volunteers work in difficult and often dangerous circumstances to make a difference for the population we serve. We carry on our vital work in Ghana, while continuing to keep our staff and volunteers as safe as possible, because PWDs can’t wait. Once again I want to use this opportunity to thank all our supporters including donors, staff, volunteers and individuals who have supported our activities in one way or the other. Thanks a lot for your generous support.