Future Hope International, No. AGO/D/01, American House, P. O. Box 6226, Cantonments, Accra.

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Our Objectives

The objectives of Future Hope International is to  play a collaborative role in partnership with all interested institutions and organizations  and individuals in putting into practical actions, surveys and reseach findings at the disposal of all., facilitating the reduction of poverty in deprived communities.; the empowerment of people, particularly women,  youth and persons with disabilities in distress and needy communities, support children. The approach to achieving the set Ojectives is a total commitment on the part the Organization and direct participation by the beneficiary communities and the societies and therefore reducing their vulnerability to many human and societal obstacles and challenges. This is to ensure a wider stakeholders participation, deepening of education, ensuring community understanding and participation in all project to ensure socio economic sustainability
  • To facilitate, encourage and further advance the full participation and the equality of persons with disabilities in the community so as to enable them to enjoy the living conditions and improvements in the standard
  • of living resulting from social and economic developments.
  • To encourage and enhance self-help and independent living among people with disabilities in the community.
  • Work towards removing all architectural and attitudinal barriers and those barriers that would hinder the full participation of persons with disabilities in the educational, vocational, economic, social, cultural, sports and recreational life by making the necessary recommendations to the relevant authorities or organizations, by taking action to facilitate the full participation of all persons with disabilities, including those who are home-bound in the design, formulation, implementation and evaluation of policies, programmes, and services for their needs, and to monitor, evaluate and review such services; to also provide communication links with all persons with disabilities and to make accessible information about disability, its treatment, correction and prevention;
  • Ensure that the benefits of reform and development programmes in every field, nationally and internationally, also reach citizens with disabilities.
  • Run, with the approval of the relevant authorities, business with a social mission to create work activities for persons with disabilities and to assist them in achieving financial independence.
  • Promote or organize and/or to initiate the provision of cultural, educational/vocational, sports and recreational facilities, where none exist as well as social, benevolent and other activities for the benefit and welfare of persons with disabilities.
  • Affiliate with and to further the work or purpose of any national or international organisation having as its objects the promotion of the interest, welfare and rights of persons with disabilities through social justice.
  • Work closely and to provide consultative services on matters relating to persons with disabilities to Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations engaged in the field of services to persons with disabilities; promote or undertake research in any aspect of prevention, rehabilitation and equalization of opportunities; organise training courses not for profit or commercial reasons for persons with disabilities and non-disabled people concerned with programmes for persons with disabilities; organise conferences, seminars, study groups of workshops on subjects relevant to persons with disabilities.