Future Hope International, No. AGO/D/01, American House, P. O. Box 6226, Cantonments, Accra.

(+233) 244-647-951 | +233 200 662 592 info@futurehopeghana.org

Our Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Our vision is an inclusive society that enables the full and effective participation in promoting the equal rights of all persons including persons with disabilities in all aspect of life.

Mission Statement

Future Hope International core mission is to facilitate enabling environment in the best interest of all persons including persons with disabilities, engages in a diverse range of activities that focus on rehabilitation and care, advocacy, improving health outcomes and support less privileged in emergencies, promoting inclusion including governance, social, education, economic, and livelihoods and ensuring equitable, accessible, quality services for all.

How we make a Difference

We are proud of making a difference in the lives of PWDs living in vulnerable and deprived communities. Our work addresses the discrimination, marginalization, poverty, abuses that people with disability experience. We operate within the human rights framework and work to provide accessibility, safety, inclusiveness, dignity and quality of life, full participation, representation, equal access to education, health and employment for all PWDs. We work with all people with disability, with a focus on people with disability who are in vulnerable and marginalized situations with particular focus on women and children.